SST 120 Asia Pacific Championship Launch

ALFFIAN KADRI 2 250x1501 SST 120 Asia Pacific Championship LaunchFASTWATER promotions are proud to be launching the innaugral SST 120 Asia Pacific Championship at this years UIM World Series.  This is not a UIM Championship, but a new and exciting opportunity to include this class in our program and provide an international opportunity for this very popular outboard class.

Competing in this years event is the Malaysian Xtreme Viking team of Mohammad and Allfrian Kadri.  Though they are not new to the Australian circuit, they will have the opporutnity to perform at an Internationally Exposed event in Australia which is certainly a first for most.  They bring a wealth of international experience to the event having competed  in many overseas races, and they are looking forward to coming back for this challenge.  It was also be a great opportunity for them to witness the Unlimited and 6.0 Litre Cell boats at their full potential, and I know, having met them at Penrith in August last year, when Madness took to the water, they will certainly enjoy the viewing as much as the racing.

We would like to thank Craig Bailey and Chris Kuznetsoff for their huge effort in bringing this together, and as we all know are professional to deal with, and together we certainly look forward to building this class up next year.