What a “Sacrifice” for the Worlds !

The question on everyone’s lips is “Can he, or cant he” !!.  One thing for sure is that it wont be forSAC41 297x300 What a Sacrifice for the Worlds ! the lack of prepartion.  We are talking about UIM 6.0 Litre World Entrant Chris Whalan, piloting “Sacrifice” the 18.6ft Evercraft Cell boat, whom is a sure favourite.  When we spoke to Chris a couple of weeks ago, he had one of his Roush Yates Engines finished and working on the second (or was it the third?).  This man and his team are going all out for their assault on the UIM World 6.0 Litre Powerboat Championships.  Going on past performances, Chris may be the man to beat.  Mildura now under two weeks away, we will all just have to wait and see !  Good Luck Team Sacifice.