Go for a ride in a Supercharged Circuit Boat

Sorry about the wait folks but are you ready to go for a ride.  The Haier Madness Supercharged Circuit Boat  driven by Troy  Marland is clocked at 159mph at Taree at Easter, 2010.   The footage sees Troy lining  up for the 2nd Race of the day on the Saturday.  The race was stopped with a Red Flag two and ½  laps into the race with a competitor breaking the start so even though the Madness boat was over ½ lap in front of the field  unfortunately he did not walk away with the points for this race.  A memorable piece of footage for not only Madness fans but for all powerboat racing fans as unfortunately this is Brian McCoskers second to last race of his amazing powerboating career.  In a lighter note, sit back, relax (if you can) and feel the SPEED of over 250kmph on water.