Down Under Rescue – They float your boat !!

FASTWATER Promotions are proud to have on board Australia’s number 1 Rescue and Recovery Team for the World Championship Event.  Headed up by Ted Wills and his team the Down Under Rescue Service has been assisting the Australian Powerboat Association for the past couple of years and are fast becoming the most sought after rescue team for all racing in this country.  In the current conditions of powerboat racing and the introduction of Reinforced Cockpit Cell Boat Racing the safety requirements are continually being upgraded and assessed.  The Down Under Rescue Team continually reinvests in their equipment and recently upgraded to a new 19’ Rib Boat fully equipped to tackle any unfortunate incident they are faced with.  The Down Under Rescue Team consists of a mixture of Dive Instructors, Dive Masters, Military and Commercial Divers and Paramedics.  FASTWATER will be looking at a few designs for a new rescue craft which will enable a Cell Boat to be raised to the surface to enable the driver to be evacuated under crash conditions.  There will be two Micra Paramedics on the water at all times to assist the Rescue Team.   On speaking to Ted it became apparent that being part of the rescue team definitely has its ups and downs.   At their most recent meeting, sitting in the boat in extremely cold and wet conditions for two days is just part of the job but they are definitely looking at an on board Coffee Machine (Yes, of course Ted !).  With each race meeting they attend they are getting to know the drivers more and more and unfortunately while this is good, it is terribly painful for them one when they are faced with a fatality like Taree.     But on the positive note, we are very lucky to have such a dedicated Rescue Team and as event organizers, we would not hold a race meeting without Down Under Rescue ‘floating the boats’………..Check out their website and show your support to the team at the upcoming event.