The 86th UIM General Assembly is over and out for another year.  For everyone involved from the organisers to the delegates it seems to always be a very long week, 7 Days of Meetings, deliberations, achievements, heartache and rules.  FASTWATER are proud to renew our Promoter Contract with the UIM to enable us to continue the UIM Unlimited and 6.0 Litre Displacement World Championships and look forward to showcasing not only these 2 World Championship Races but also the SST 120 Class.  Next year the SST 120 Class will be staging two international events over both of the rounds.  Whilst you never expect to walk away from a World General Assembly 100% satisfied from your time consumed, it did seem this year was exceptionally difficult with frustration in aiming to move forward with the sport.  A massive positive to come out of this event was the new “Brainstorming” session provided by Mr Fred Hauenstein, UIM Cominsport President.  It was a great afternoon spent discussing in an open manner many different opinions and ideas on how to move the sport forward.  A very worthwhile 4 hours of discussion with COMMUNICATION both within the UIM plus also from the National Authorities to their members was lacking and needed to be improved.  Also Marketing of the sport proved to be a massive concern and outcomes of ways to improve marketing was discussed.  We have many pilots achieving World Championship Status and achieving World Speed Records, however the pilots and teams are not provided with any exposure from both National Authorities or the UIM.  A Promotional Committee has been put together to work on this over the next 12 months.