The Real Thing – World Championship here we come!

“To compete in the World Championship, and the opportunity to be the number 1 in the world, is what both the team and I have been working towards since the announcement for the title being held here in Australia”. said Bruce Jordan Today.

The Real Thing Racing Team” in conjunction with 2 of Australia’s boating icons, Rob Psalia and Peter Dukic, have been busy completing Australia’s first centre mounted safety cell, for the 21′ Racecraft Marine, Unlimited Displacement Race Boat.

DSC01038 2 300x225 The Real Thing   World Championship here we come!The safety cell incorporates the latest in technology , being both aerodynamic and safe, also provides excellent stability and esthetics.

Molded to the boat, the cell incorporates polycarbonate windows out of fighter planes, and the integrity of the cell in will withstand 5000 Newton of direct impact, critical for driver safety.

“In conforming with the future UIM rules regarding our class, I feel the we have taken the initiative building our “Cell Boat” here in Australia, having plenty of time to complete testing, and racing at major events here in Australia, fine tuning the boat to give us the best possible chance in Gol Gol

“Our involvement with Racecraft marine, and the development of the cell, will enable us to manufacture the SV2100 Racecraft Marine boats to order with a minimum turn around time”, Bruce also mentioned.

Having shown excellent speed at venues around the country, the team has entrusted long time engine builder Mitch, from MK Racing Performance Specialties to prepare 2 new power plants for the upcoming season.
Looking for more manageable and higher power outputs, Mitch has been busy preparing 2 new engine  combinations designed for the longest and shortest or courses around Australia. Both in standard and tall deck configurations.

“The stresses that these engines encounter is like no other form of motor sport.” Mitch said when asked of the new combinations.

“They are basically a Top Alcohol Drag Racing motor that we need to manage for long long periods of time , when compared to the applications used in Drag Racing. Custom built components , exact machining tolerances, and a  methodical approach to assembly are all paramount. Our engine maintenance program has also changed radically, these engine will produce 2000+ horsepower and run between 7500 and 8000 RPM. ” Mitch also added.
Look for “The Real Thing” Racing Team at Gol Gol for the running of the World Championship in the mighty River Murray.

DSC01035 2 300x225 The Real Thing   World Championship here we come!

DSC01037 2 300x225 The Real Thing   World Championship here we come!

DSC01036 2 300x225 The Real Thing   World Championship here we come!