Quick Update on the World Championships

Firstly sorry about the delay in the latest update for the World Champs.  It is been a very busy few months with meetings, site meetings, team talks and just basically working very hard.

Well the first UIM 2010 Unlimited Displacement World Championship is just over six months away and as the promoters of this event, we are very excited with the progress so far.

At the time of writing this report our International Competitors are finalising their entries and all travel arrangements will be final next week.  We will release the confirmed details as soon they come through but we are looking forward to the largest contingent of International Competitors ever to hit our shores in the history of powerboat racing in Australia.  Joining our competitors from the USA and New Zealand will be their very large following of fans and families from each teams cheering on their own countries as well as competitors..  We think they will have their hands full when they meet with the very dedicated and patriotic Australian following.  All will have one thing in common though which is to witness a memorable moment in Displacement Powerboat Racing history.

Official Start Boat Driver Mr. Allan Beale has already begun his FASTWATER promotional campaign lunching with a group of lovely Harley Riding friends.  See you in Gol Gol Allan.  Don’t forget now!

ALS BDAY 300x146 Quick Update on the World Championships

From the Australian teams competing, we will be uploading three new teams to our website shortly nominating the following competitors; David Clark – Tuff e Nuff Racing, Tim May-The Boss and Paul Harvey-True Blue with his new combination of a three ltr Turbo Charged Toyota.  We are still awaiting further confirmations but are expecting Patriot, Coldfire, Bad Intent and Red Bellies to be confirmed soon also.  And there is a couple more to follow.

The 2010 World Championship race will be the ONLY opportunity for an Open Cockpit Boat to be eligible.  The race will be memorable for many reasons, but its great that we will get to see the world’s favourite open boats have an opportunity to be part of the World Championship.  Cell Boats will be the only boats able to compete in the U.I.M. International Competition after this year and all open cockpit boats will be able to compete in local Australian and Australasian Championships.

Following on from the World Championship in Gol Gol will be the The Riverland Powerboat Club Race Meeting the following weekend on the 23rd & 24th October, 2010.    All of the International Teams will have the opportunity to race their boats for a second time and it offers an extra opportunity for the Australian competitors not involved in the World Championships to compete against the best the sport has to offer.  We thank both Brian Jeffries and Chris Philps for their sportsmanship and support with both the World Championship Event and their Club Race Meeting as well as offering volunteers whom have come forward ‘demanding’ to be part of the World Champs.

With loads more news to release, stay tuned to this website..THE COUNTDOWN IS ON !

Soon to come is the ONE HD story !