Proformance Disaster – 2010 Berri Spectacular

It was a hell of a ride on the weekend for Dean Borg in Proformance, and to know that he walked away without a scratch is absolutely amazing.  Racing on the Murray River in Berri, South Australia, Dean crashed his boat in a brutal accident after losing a propeller blade climbing some 30 feet into the air inverted and  going in headfirst , this has put his chances at competing at the World Championship on hold at the moment.  But in his words he stated “Hey we’ve got 9 months”.

Fastwater sends our regards to Dean and as we were watching from the bank it felt like forever before your head come to the surface however it was a matter of mere seconds.  It is no doubt a positive  advert  for the safety cock pit !  The windscreen with stood  the head force of the water as the boat nose dived and in Dean’s words “I was just along for the ride and watching all the water go past me, it was freaky”.   Amazingly through the ride of his life Dean thought to switch his engine off reducing his repair bill substainially,

We will keep you updated on Dean’s  Progress and we wish them the best of luck with the boat repairs.

Check out the youtube videos:

(Above clip thanks to Mike Smith Graphics)