Dave Rankin has confirmed today, that he will be representing his country in the 2012 UIM World Circuit Boat Series, driving none other, than PATRIOT, a very fitting name for a true American Powerboat Racer. Dave was due to bring K-69 to Australia and piloRound American Flag PATRIOT   PILOTED BY DAVE RANKIN   USAt the boat himself, however they were not happy with a few issues from racing last weekend. A huge thankyou to Tony Marks and family, whom will change PATRIOT from being a Aussie Entry to the USA Entry. This is a huge coup for the sport, to see once again an American Driver in a B.A.D. Boat, to put it up to the Aussies. Now is there no excuses !! It is a USA Blown Alcohol Displacement against an AUSSIE Blown Alcohol Displacement. BRING IT ON. Thanks once again to the Patriot Racing Team and to Dave Rankin. Dave is a huge supporter of the World Series and will certainly do the USA proud.