A lot of anticipation is given of course not only to the boats that will be competing but to the Pilots that will take these big unlimited machines around the course for 2 days at Gol Gol.

Driver skill (as with any type of racing) is half of the battle for any team or boat to be successful and every country as their heroes and legends that have been in the sport for many years.  Australia too has many, maybe too many to mention and unfortunately some are no longer with us.  However one of those legends in Australia is a pilot named John Cross.  When the compulsory cell rule was implemented only a few months ago, many of the teams knew then that they were not racing at the World Championship, however many also decided now is the time to take action and make the necessary changes to enable them to be there on the day and be part of history.

John Cross has a brand new cell boat on order and even until the past few weeks, many were hoping that it would be ready to go (no one more than Crossey).  Time has got the better of that new boat being ready for this year so it was up to the gods to get him there.  His wishes have been answered when he received the call from Alf Airborne offering his Unlimited Turbo Cell Boat for the World Championships.  Most Australia would like to say THANKS ALFIE !!  Many times the USA Competitor Tony Scalarta has mentioned that he wants to race Crossey….Well now Tony, you are !!  The Airborne team is testing as we speak, because as normal, the one thing that John Cross always wants is more horsepower.

The team list is growing with 5 Junior Competitors, the 6 litre class will have 8-9 teams with the names of them finalised after the big Windsor Race meeting here in Australia on the 18th September.

The show from the Unlimiteds is what everyone is coming to see, and we appreciate the efforts from the teams that are competing to make the first World Championship one to remember.  Teams will also be finalised after the Windsor meeting, giving everyone every possible chance.

The 3 Day program will be uploaded to the website once all teams are confirmed but it will consist of Practice on Friday for all the teams including a Team Introduction and Media meet and greet.  The Racing Program on Saturday and Sunday is jam packed with World Championship Heats, Seidler Aviation 6.0 Litre Races, Junior Races, Australia’s only Top Fuel Hydro Passes, V8 Jet Boats demonstration.  For all our overseas fans the event will be web streamed live on the internet from the Fastwater Website so you will not miss any of the action.  All spectators will also have the chance to go for a ride in either a V8 Jet Boat or the official FASTWATER start boat.  Enter the competition on the weekend to go for the ride of your life !!  The Orccon V8 Supercar Simulator offers an opportunity to feel the speed of racing of the V8 Supercar !  A few things to remember – Gates will open at 8.00am, NO BYO or Dogs are allowed.  There are two separate areas to enjoy the event, the Licensed area on lawns of the Gol Gol Hotel and also the family friendly Dry Zone.  The event will be fully catered for so all you need to do is come along and enjoy a whole new way to showcase powerboat racing here in Australia.  We are breaking the mould and proud of it……