K-Boat History

The World Unlimited Displace1728 300x175 K Boat Historyment class of racing of course includes competitors from the United States of America- home of the K Boat.

Also known as flat bottom boats or “flatties”, k-boats have been raced since the late 20th century all over America.  Typically run on large courses with wide turns, these ‘true flat’ vee drive vessels race sometimes 10 or more at a time and all boats start via rolling run, all in a line for an even dash to the first turn. This format of racing is of course similar to the style of circuit racing seen in Australia, which has been well adapted and has also included several K-boats competing over the past few decades. Although more popular throughout the 1970′s & 80′s, K-boats are still seen on the water around Australia.

100 1194 300x225 K Boat HistoryRecent events such as the 2007 World Cup and 2009 BAD Boat Showdown saw Americans competing against the best from Australia which really showed the world that the spirit of K-boat racing is alive and well and that the style of hull is still competitive in the modern form of racing. Although not suited to tighter courses, flat bottoms have the ability to sweep around corners and have un-parallelled accelleration on the water.