So where the hell is Gol Gol!!

It has been a long time in coming, however wait no more !! For the first time, in the history of Powerboat Racing Worldwide, the 2010 UIM Unlimited Displacement World Championship is coming!

Friday 15th October – Sunday 17th October 2010 needs to be crossed off on your calendar, because you will NOT see a better event than this one.

Australia is very fortunate to have some perfect Powerboat Racing venues, in particular on the favourable River courses.  Gol Gol in Outback New South Wales offers a well suited area from wide river to well kept lawns and public area.

So where the hell is Gol Gol!! It is literally 10 minutes from Mildura, over the bridge into NSW and just around the corner on the river from the Mildura Ski Club (for all the local boat fans!)

The river is wide and the course will be hard and fast with straights at least 710m long and three buoy turns.   We know it can withstand high winds as one of our site visits was in 90kph winds and there was a small ripple on the water.

The racing will be viewed live on a 40m² Big Screen capturing all of the action, with replays that will be integrated seamlessly with sponsor advertisements and crowd interaction, which provide a true entertainment package.  As a spectator, you will be surrounded by Powerboat racing both on and off the water.  The screen will provide racing footage in an awesome view and we know it will be a fantastic promotion for not only “Unlimited Displacements” but for powerboat racing as a whole.

The feedback from overseas competitors has been extremely exciting and.  The Americans, of course, will be a BIG draw card and we certainly look forward to some of the best Blown Boat racing we have EVER seen in this country or the world.  At the time we are writing this article we have five teams from the USA who have come forward and we are looking to make it six teams.  Out of New Zealand we are currently talking with three teams and all extremely committed and excited about coming to Australia.  There is a Ryan craft, a K Boat and one is an Evercraft (ex she’s the Culprit, Maniac).  Two of the New Zealand competitors are already on the website as more information comes through, it will be added to the site as soon as possible.  Some are getting cells installed as we speak and would prefer not to send information through until they have the final product.

As for the Australian contingent of competition, the feedback as been nothing short of amazing.  For the first time we will be witnessing Bad Attitude, Paul Madill’s mean machine, and probably the ‘oldest new boat’ in the world.  This is the event they have been waiting for !   We can also announce that there are at least two boats coming back out of the shed and two drivers coming out of retirement to contest ‘The best of the best’.  Who are they!  Well as soon as they send their photos through us will launch them on our website (Hint Hint Guys!) One is the only genuine Beismeyer Hull in Australia and the other a Stephens Flat Bottom.  The excitement from drivers that have been part of the sport for many years but gave it away for one reason or another and are returning for this event, makes it even more worth our while to organize such an important event for this class.  As the current UIM Unlimited Displacement Rule stands (it is available on our website) it is the only opportunity for boats without cells to compete, so it offers the World Championship opportunity to all boats.  All teams competing in the World Championship are required to have two complete Race Engines to qualify.

Can there be the opportunity to have an invitation race for K Boats Only………………Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!

The support classes for this event will be the  6 litre Open Displacement and Juniors.  With the town of Mildura being a hub of motorsport we hope to invite various personalities along and get them involved.  Ski Racing Demos, Jet Sprint Demos, and can already confirm that Australia’s first Top Fuel Hydro 7000 horsepower “Nitro Thunder” will take to the water each day.

To assist us in taking Powerboat Racing to the next level, we are pleased to be working alongside Groovy Tube Digital Media.  They are quite new to the sport however they carry with them a lot of new and exciting media opportunities, and we look forward to taking Fastwater sport to a new level again in 2011.

Thank you to Wayne from All Race Photography for providing all the perfect racing images.  Click on his link to view a large Gallery and order a photo of your favourite boat.

Big thanks to for Geoff and Lesley from Mildura Houseboats for providing Fastwater their Accommodation during our many visits and for Geoff’s assistance in organising many local contacts.

Stay tuned to regular updates.  Early bird tickets savings will go on sale shortly, so get prepared, avoid the line ups, and buy your tickets early.

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