Final Day of the World Series

Saturday at the S.I.R.C. was another hard day at the office for some teams, yet others came out in a flying force.  The 6.0 Litre Class has suffered two withdrawals after an incident in the first heats with Junior Outlaw, In Excess and Joe Jnr getting into grief on the corner.  Another huge plus for safety cells, and Andrew Wamsley was lucky to survive a hard side on cell hit from Junior Outlaw and unfortunately Jeff Stunell got caught in the mix of it.  Patriot in the Unlimited Class seem to suffer a steering failure causing the boat to breach hard and the corners, leaving itself with damage that cant be repaired for the series.  The Marland Team again are proving they are the favourites for their 2nd World Unlimited Championship and are also putting their mark on the 6.0 Litre Class.

Standings as of today are :

Sacrifice    2800 pts

Solace        1520 pts

Sick Puppy  1385 pts

Oxygen Thief   1379 pts

Immortal  1142 pts

Runaway Train  835 pts

Joe Jnr  93 pts

Jn Outlaw  53 pts


Madness   2800 pts

Airborne   2046 pts

Proformance   1445 pts

She’s the Culprit  1257 pts

Decision   990 pts

Tuff E Nuff  944 pts

Outlaw  127 pts

Around 4pm today, we will crowning the 2 UIM World Champions and the SST 120 Asia Pacific Championship

At this stage we do not have to up to date results for the SST 120 but will aim to post them as soon as they are available.