What to Expect at Gol Gol!

Well, with what has been one of the most anticipated yet challenging events ever to hit the waters in Australia, is now only a few weeks away.  The anticipation comes from the fact that for over 70 years the Unlimited Displacement Class of Power Boat racing, raced within themselves, forever vying for an Australian or Australasian Trophy.  Whilst the trophies and prestige is still very much alive within the class, it is certainly time to race for the ultimate challenge.  To be a World Champion.  The challenge of course comes from one of the hardest rule changes that not only FASTWATER had to face but every pilot and team ready to participate had to endure also.  All boats need to have a reinforced cockpit to participate.  Good or bad, right or wrong, there will never be a happy medium, but rules are rules.  For too long, all three countries have been considering the idea, tossing up designs, and discussing when is the right time.  Well, now is the time to take the next step forward and there is no turning back.  Every pilot and team that is participating in this event, has met with mighty set backs and bigger decisions than ever before.  The focus for this event is World Championship Racing.  Every heat the boats race means they are one step closer in their endeavors.  From a promoters point of view, the challenges at time have been overwhelming, but one thing we have said is we are not going to give up !!  From facing the massive rule change, coping with a financial crisis that hit the world and affecting one of the main countries involved the Americans.  This event comes from the heart; it comes from a long history of successful pilots, teams, Aussies, Kiwis and the mighty Yanks !!  It comes from passion and commitment, to give back to sport of Unlimited Displacement Racing and assisting them in their world venture.  When you come to this event expect teams that have put in hard work to get there and they are coming to put on one hell of a show. The support class of the 6.0 Litre Open racing will be close and consistent and if there recent race meeting here in Australia is anything to go by, 3-4 boats going into a corner is an amazing site to see.  We also will welcome the Juniors of our sport, to take to the water, and showcase our upcoming champions whom one day may well be the next Unlimited Displacement World Champion.  Stay tuned for the program of events on the website shortly !  And finally on behalf of FASTWATER and all the teams, see you at Gol Gol and thankyou !!!