Dean Borg and Team are on track for the Worlds in October this year

Thankyou Dean for allowing us to show the world the  damage caused to your boat in one of the biggest accidents seen for a long time here in Australia.  The team have been working day and night and already have fully stripped the boat and will be repairing the hull to make a mould ready for the next beast to be born.  The engine damage is very minimal  with no visible damage they can see.  Apart from the standard rebuilding and measuring , the engine should be OK.  As you can see from the shots the cell and windscreen remains completely intact.

The impact from the boat losing a blade of the propeller made the propeller shaft whip and bend which tore the clutch housing off the gearbox.  The boat was fitted with a compulsory clutch housing restraint that worked and saved the boat from more damage. So a new housing for the gearbox is on its way as well as a new clutch.

Dean would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and especially to all whom assist and lifting the boat from the water.

Fastwater would also like to pass our thoughts and wishes on to Peter Price and his family from another racing incident at the Berri Spectactular.  We are very glad to hear that he is on the road to recovery.

Thankyou to Mike Smith from Mike Smith Graphics for the you tube footage of the racing incident.