Day 2 World Titles here we come !

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers of the Powerboat Racing community.  I hope your families spoil you all.

Day 2 is underway and it is a bit chilly however wont be long until the sun comes out.  Racing in all classes is very tough and you can tell from some of the casulties yesterday, the teams are pushing everything to the limit for this World Championship Title.

There are a few teams not able to make the racing but instead are working hard to make it to Round 2 at Penrith.  At this current time we have one definate scratching from next week, and that is one of the crowd favourites Tim May in The Boss.  The team are extremely dissapointed with this result compared to last years No. 2 UIM Placing at Gol Gol.

Good luck to everyone racing today, and as soon as we start to receive official results from the Officials we will upload them.