Let the Battle Begin

“Watch out Aussies, we are coming to take you down “!,   Spoken words from USA Unlimited Displacement World Championship entrant Tony Scalarta and Dave Rankin driver and owner of K-69.

Racing at the Unlimited World Championships, they bring a ton of experience as the current World Kilo Record Holder and the No. 1 K Boat in America.  Tony Walsh’s current trip to the States included a Powerboat Meeting in Idaho.  A great opportunity to learn the scope of K Boat racing in the States and the rules and regulations that apply.  “I can see what you are doing Tony, and we are there with bells on.  The concept of this new class is amazing and building an International Event of Unlimited Displacement Circuit Boats is something people have dreamt of doing but you guys are doing it.  We are coming to win, and if we don’t pull it off this year, we will come with more next year,” said Dave Rankin.  “Things are very tough over here, just the same in Australia but for different  reasons, and if we carry the shoulders of the American teams, then so be it, you will get your money’s worth.  We are coming to put on one hell of a show; we are not scared to rub if we have to”.  The recent rule change of compulsory cells has meant a lot of teams are hard at work, building boats or making big changes to the current ones.  To create a new International Class is a huge step, and the three countries that can pull it off are definitely Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.  Bring it on, let the battle begin, and the World Champ can carry Number 1 for the next 12 months.