Australian “Outlaw” ready to do battle

outlaw 2 300x140 Australian Outlaw ready to do battleThere are many teams that have been waiting a long time for this event, and Chris Palmer from Outlaw, you could say it has been over 18 months.  This 21ft Childsplay Cell Boat was not able to compete in the 2o10 World Championships due to health reasons for Chris, however, we have three weeks to go until the 2012 World Championships Round 1 in Mildura, and you could say this team could not be better prepared.  Recent form for  Chris Palmer, the UIM Unlimited Displacement Entrant,  easily has him sitting at No.2 in regards Outlaw Pipes 300x177 Australian Outlaw ready to do battleto speed and agility, but many say that No. 1 in the World Title, may only be a few weeks away  now.

Chris is a very experienced driver having been in the sport for many years, and has had a wealth of experience driving many types of hulls.  With the development and the improvements we have seen with this 21ft Childsplay over the last two years,  shows the commitment and dedication of this team, and their No. 1 World Title campaign is obviously all going to plan.  Not long to wait now !!

Photos by All Race Photography