Fastwater Promotions Pty Ltd is the Union Internationale Motonautique (U.I.M) World Contracted Promoter for the Unlimited Displacement Class and recent in Abu Dhabi in 2011, become the contracted Promoter for the newly world registered 6.0 Litre Displacement Class.

The Union Internationale Motonautique is the International governing body of powerboating. It is recognized as such by the International Olympic Committee, and is also a member of the General Association of International Sports Federations, and the Association of the IOC Recognized International Sports Federations.

One of 6 UIM contracted promoters, Fastwater Promotions are the only Australian owned powerboat promotional company in the world.

tony AboutTony Walsh has been involved with Power Boat Racing for most of his life.  This was inherited from his father who was also a very competitive and successful Power Boat racer and manufacturer.  In Tony’s career he achieved many Championships and Trophy Races including a record yet to be broken four consecutive Australasian Championships.  Included in his career are International Races in the United States and New Zealand which then led him to the next step, in becoming the National President of the Governing Body of the Australian Power Boat Association, a position he held for nearly 10 years.  In conjunction with this Tony has been the Australian representative with the World Governing Body, the UIM, and developed a very strong and respected relationship between Australia and the world of powerboat racing.  He has assisted in crucial rule changes, and deliberating on behalf of numerous classes including the Class 1 Offshore competitors.  It is with this history that Tony has built an international pedestal for his endeavour in promoting and representing the Unlimited Displacement Class on the International stage.

Angela Sawka 227x300 About

  Angela Sawka, joint partner of FASTWATER Promotions, is proud to contribute her knowledge and passion for Event Management to the sport of Powerboat Racing, which is something that dreams are made of for her.   Having been involved in the sport at club level since 1987 involving herself in a voluntary position for many years assisting with Sponsorship Management and VIP Hospitality, Angela has grown into the sport with a passion that has obviously lead her to being in this position.  When the company was contracted with the World Governing Body, Angela was the first female Powerboat Promoter in their history.  She has grown with the position and learnt many aspects of the sport which assists her in delivering the best intentions for not only the sport but for the Event’s that the company has managed over the years. Obtaining many years in developing Sponsorship Proposals, Government Grants, liasing with large Corporate Identities and directing the sport onto the World Stage is and will always be, the main goal.

It is no secret that Powerboat racing in Australia has lacked in a major way, any form of promotion.  Every fan that comes across this sport is amazed that they had no information or never witnessed a race meeting.

With Tony Walsh and chosen Business Partner, Angela Sawka’s knowledge, Fastwater Promotions  plans to develop a promotional platform for  the Unlimited and 6.0 litre Displacement Classes. His aim is to build an International competition that will continue to prosper.