6 American Teams announced!

We can now release the 6 American Teams that are planning to compete in the 2010 World Championship this year.  (subject to changes).  We will feature each boat in our Team section shortly.  Thanks in Particular to both Dave Ranking and Duff Daily for assisting with the American Teams. **Update** Pictures of the boats added.

K 69 – Freedom

k69testatirvine 4fev2009 300x200 6 American Teams announced!

David Rankine/Gordon Jennings                               OWNERS

Tony Scarlata                                                     DRIVER

K 23 – Champagne Taste

k23 300x199 6 American Teams announced!

Duff Daily                                                            OWNER/DRIVER

K 711 – 7 come 11

k711 300x200 6 American Teams announced!

Pat Eason                                                            OWNER

Steve Sequeira                                                 DRIVER

K 238 – Fission

k238 300x199 6 American Teams announced!

Bob Catapolvic                                                  OWNER

Mike Allen                                                          DRIVER

K 555 – Triple Nichol

Bob Zabady                                                        OWNER/DRIVER

K 66

k66 300x195 6 American Teams announced!

Patrick Breazeale                                             OWNER/DRIVER

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