We are proud to make the Preliminary announcement FASTWATER Promotions inconjunction with the Taree Powerboat Club will be hosting the 2013 WORLD / APBA Speed Kilo Trials on the 24th, 25th & 26th May, 2013 on .

It is that ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ where two new World Speed Records will be set for the first time ever with the UIM Unlimited and the Pro Cell UIM 6.0 Litre Displacement Classes.  All Australian Powerboat Association Members, owners and teams are also encouraged to register.  The event will cater for  as many classes as possible and we look forward to seeing all the families, friends and fans join in on the celebrations !

With all UIM of the boats now are fitted with Reinforced Cockpits, the speed compared to previous attempts in an Open Cockpit, will certainly lay some stories to rest.   The one question you would be saying though is ‘How fast will they go’?  The 6.0 Litre Displacement Class will be running under the new 2013 Rule Changes, which there were two changes made.

(in 5.) Intake system must be naturally aspirated (no forced induction supercharged or turbo charged)

in 6.) All fuel must be methanol or petrol based (as supplied by Promoter, no additives allowed) IMPORTANT : FUEL WILL BE METHANOL AND E 85 PETROLEUM**

Those changes in the 6.0 litre class may easily open doors for many of the competitors, and we certainly anticipate that this change will see a strong number of boats in the running.

Entries will be released very soon, with a registration date two weeks prior to the event a strict deadline.  This will enable a program to be set.  From there a program will be made, we aim to have the kilo circuit available on  Friday 24th May, 2013 from lunch time onwards, so the aim is to accommodate as many runs as possible.  Both Saturday and Sunday will have Speed Kilo’s in the morning, and finish off the afternoon with circuit racing.   With the new Blown Lite Kilo also up for grabs, there will be a lot of stories told by the end of the weekend.   Upstairs of the Rowing Club will be licensed, with food and amusements also available.

Be back soon with the uploaded Entry Form.  I think the  bets have started already!!!