Until you actually make the commitment, put in the preparation, find the money, source sponsor/s if they are availabMadness 300x192 2 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MEETINGS – 2 WORLD TITLES “It’s Madness”le, put together a team to support you, put together a motor that will get you over the line, have a cell boat, and finally finish a 2 weekend World Meeting in one piece, you really have NO IDEA how hard this World Title can be.

 Everyone that competed in 2010 and 2012 know, just ask them.  

 Well imagine competing in both events and winning both events.  This is a mammoth task, and a mammoth opportunity, and one the MADNESS team relish in, so to speak.  When the get the chance to watch this team in action, you can begin to understand why they are number 1 in the World AGAIN.  The planning starts 12 months out on how they are going to get there, and what ‘machinery’ they are going to take to get them through.  Each team 2012 World Unlimited Champion Troy Marland 300x199 2 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MEETINGS – 2 WORLD TITLES “It’s Madness”member has their job, some print out lists, other’s just know.  They put their plan into action it is a two week full on commitment.  From there though everyone knows you always need a little bit of luck on your side.  This year only 1 Engine was needed, it lasted two weeks and it was certainly good enough to win the teams second Unlimited Displacement World Title.  From there, not only does the team work hard, but they know how to play hard also !!!  Congratulations toTroyand his father Derek, for this achievement.  You speak to them though, and they will thank their team for getting the boat to the point where allTroyneeds to do is do what he does best, POWERBOAT RACING !!   

 The Power Plant1 300x193 2 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MEETINGS – 2 WORLD TITLES “It’s Madness”Photos supplied by Grant Schwartzkopff Photography